Makau Nui

Maka Nui always had an amazing product, they just needed an online presanse to get it out in the world. With a new website and Facebook ad campaigns we did just that.

Our Role

  • In store assessment

    Through appraising the look and feel of Maka Nui's physical store we were able to carry over a similar aesthetic to their website and digital marketing campaigns.

  • website design

    We then dove into the process of building a modern and highly functional website for all of their e-commerce needs.

  • Facebook ads

    Once completing the website we were able to run highly successful Facebook ads which drove potential customers to the new website. Their sales went from being only in-store to worldwide.


Bottom Line


Makau Nui was not making enough sales just from their storefront.


A website that will last them for years to come. On Makau Nui's new website customers can easily view and purchase their products. In addition the Facebook ads attract new customers on a daily basis.