Circle of Trust Healing Center

In the beginning stages of envisioning what it would become, the Circle of Trust Healing Center hired us to create a full branding suite. This included a new website, multiple videos, advertising materials & campaigns.

We laid in place the foundation of a strong & cohesive brand identity which allowed them to quickly gain credibility in the recovery industry and bring their vision to life.

Our Role

  • Branding & Website Design

    Since our creative relationship with the Circle of Trust was formed in the beginning stages of their brand's identity, we had a hand in everything from logo design, to color pallet, to brand identity guidelines.

  • Video Production

    We produced custom, onsite videos to promote their offerings and showcase the truly unique holistic recovery model that they provide.

  • Marketing Materials

    Through designing a custom print marking suite of materials including - business cards, rack cards, posters, and magazine ads - we assisted the Circle of Trust in promoting themselves beyond just the digital medium.


Bottom Line


A new company that needed a cohesive brand identity. Initially they were lacking the online credibility they needed in order to stand out in a highly competitive market.


We created an extensive marketing & branding suite that included multiple approaches to getting their name out there. Through our effort we were able to help establish them as the premium recovery center in Southern Oregon.