Augmented reality

Phobia Treatment

Augmented Reality is a powerful tool when utilized for phobia treatment therapy.

Using AR patients can face their greatest fears in a safe and controlled environment like their therapists office.

The story

Behind The App


Imagine being able to work through phobias in a realistic environment all in the safety of a therapist’s office.

Through the development of this application, our team was able to create various environments and situations for Augmented Reality Exposure Therapy.

When patients are habitually exposed to these fear-producing elements in a realistic and contained environment, they are eventually able to build the strength and courage to face these otherwise paralyzing experiences.



When we were hired to produce this application our client needed a quick turnaround.  We were able to deliver a highly functional app that met this timeline and has helped many patients face their phobias. 


Scope of the Project:

  • App design
  • Architecture development
  • Quality Assurance

Tools and Technologies Used:

  • Vuforia
  • Unity Engine


  • Android
  • iOS
  • Google Cardboard VR


Arachnophobia treatment option:

The system recognizes your hand laying near the printed marker, you can see your real hand with digital spiders surrounding it.

The first spider a patient encounters in the app is tiny and moves slowly— but as they progress, they are empowered to make the spider bigger and more active. Eventually, they will be faced with realistic, fast, large spiders.  This virtual augmentation allows them to even “hold” the spiders in their hand to help them overcome any fears that arise. 

Beyond spiders the app allows you to choose the type of insect that the patient is scared of as well as the size, quantity, and movement speed. Since the power of choice and control is in their hands, they can face their fears on their terms and thus feel empowered to overcome them. 

Claustrophobia treatment option:

Using a smartphone or Google Cardboard VR, patients can be exposed to small, enclosed spaces surrounded by brick walls that gradually narrow. 

A therapist can carefully control the situation, monitoring the patient’s anxiety level, and slowly easing them into the experience of confined spaces. 

Within the application, the therapist can choose the distance of walls, speed, and movement type. Everything is designed to be a realistic simulation while also providing the patient with a  feeling of safety and control while addressing their fears.


Both the arachnophobia and claustrophobia modes have the option to enter a Google Cardboard VR version or switch to a mobile AR version. The Google Cardboard VR mode allows users to fully immerse into the phobia treatment.

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